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hoyden adj : used of boisterous girls [syn: hoyden(a), hoydenish, tomboyish] n : a girl who behaves in a boyish manner [syn: tomboy, romp]

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Probably from Middle Dutch heiden ‘heathen, gypsy’.




  1. A rude, uncultured or rowdy girl or woman.
    • 1985: Not all ladies in my profession are as that shameless hoyden, Mrs Charke, that has brought such distress through her malicious conduct and ill repute upon her worthy father, Mr Cibber; far from it, sir. — John Fowles, A Maggot
    • 1997: Tabitha is lighting the candles in the sconces. A great, strong, heavy girl, a hoyden, not pretty, her face distinguished only by youth, by health. — Andrew Miller, Ingenious Pain


  1. Like a hoyden: high-spirited and boisterous; saucy, tomboyish.

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